Mike Glyer’s File 770 mentioned my birthday thusly:

“Born June 26, 1954 — James Van Pelt, 69. Here for the phenomenal number of nominations that he has had though no Awards have accrued. I count 26 nominations so far including a Sturgeon, a Nebula and, perhaps the longest named Award in existence, John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer / Astounding Award for the Best New Science Fiction Writer. He has but two novels to date, Summer of the Apocalypse and Pandora’s Gun, but a really lot of short fiction, I think over a hundred pieces, and two poems.”

To be fair, I have won SOME things: my collection, THE RADIO MAGICIAN AND OTHER STORIES won the Colorado Book Award.

My first collection, STRANGERS AND BEGGARS was recognized as a “Best Book for Young Adults” by the American Library Association.

My short story, “Minerva Girls,” won the Anlab Readers’ Choice Award from ANALOG for best novella in the magazine for the year.

And, personally, I count every short story that is reprinted in a “years’ best” anthology to be a winner. That’s happened 11 times.

Oh, and it’s five poems, thank you very much.